12 things to do to a sculptural installation


Styrofoam, baltic birch, drywall, oriented strand board panels (OSB), bungee cords, clamps, stones, bricks, inkjet prints, screen printed paper, plaster, colored tape and video

12 things to do to a sculptural installation, is based on a sociological experience. This spatial intervention displays objects, props, sculptures, furniture, and stop motion animation. The video shown interrogate through actions and questions in order to engage the viewer, either in a physical, sensorial or metaphorical way. The viewer will be challenged by the fact he or she will have to choose to do the actions suggested or not. Since this work is cluttered the viewer need to be bodily conscious while circulating into the installation. It challenges expectations from the audience by the fact they need to get involved, and even though to realize some actions to activate the work. This project was inspired by the card-based method called Oblique strategy, subtitled Over one hundred worthwhile dilemmas, made by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt in 1976. They developed that method in a way to help and promote creativity for artists. Each card offered a challenging constraint intended to help artist break creative blocks by encouraging thoughts and imagination.