When everything is (not yet) falling apart


Baltic birch, inkjet prints, drywall, Styrofoam, stone, paper, bungee cords, ceramic tile, terrazzo tile, pine and tape


Firstly, my work manifests itself mainly through installations combining sculptures, printed images and drawings. Within the same work, ideas, materials, colors and mediums overlap, while I appropriate and reinterpret architectural elements and design objects. These references from different eras are mixed together to create my own iconography. I am mainly interested in the reproductive relationship of objects, textures and materials by creating neat and (dis)organized sculptural arrangements. My installations are both orderly and cluttered, under construction or deconstruction, and this gives my work an unfinished and transitory character. The key concepts that characterize my research are pastiche, imitation, accumulation, (re)appropriation, copy/paste, reproduction, collage and remix.

In my ongoing project titled, When everything is (not yet) falling apart, I am developing this work around precariousness, fragility, and ephemerality. This enigmatic installation, is either a theater set, a construction site or a stage scene in which the objects shown are realized with modest, cheap and brittle materials. I tried to do something more playful, open and freer by installing objects in a precarious manner. I wanted to allow myself more spontaneity, but there are parts I still enjoy controlling in my work. This is why some components are smashed while others are perfectly planned broken objects. While experiencing the work, the viewer can find surprises, glitch or materials either real or reproduced. The installation itself differs from the space setting that is represented in the drawing that is self-referential. The scene represented in the drawing freezes the temporality of an imminent damage, inevitably caused by the falling rock.